laughs but is really sad inside.
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<...> of course I am not going to believe that you have deteriorated morally: you only think you have. The truth is, you and I - as I have only just got to realize - are idealists. You will say that is a pretty strange sort of thing for a cynical, cold-blooded person like myself to say. But it is really true, I am convinced. And idealists are fore-doomed to fail - that is why, I suppose, I have always been inclined to despise them for unpractical fools. I suppose our ideal is Roland. He did not fail, but He probably thought He did. Yet I doubt if one man in a thousand achieves His spotless purity, His wonderful old-world chivalry, or His love of Country in the abstract. In the words of the Bible: ‘Such things are too great and excellent for me: I cannot attain unto them’ - at least that is how I feel, and I rather think you do too. But I doubt if you or I have ever done very much that would be considered very wrong if considered by the standard of the World. I hope you will not think me inconsistent for calling myself an idealist: I have not said that I approve of idealism; but one cannot help what one is by nature and temperament, whether one admires it or not…

- by Victor Richardson to Edward Brittain, 18 May 1916
(Source: Letters from a Lost Generation)

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